Stoyan Nedin has more than seven years of experience in investments, cross-border marketing, and business development.
Stoyan was most recently Country Manager of General Energy, a regional renewable energy investment company. After successfully supervising its entry onto the Bulgarian market, he was responsible for sourcing numerous hydro and solar energy projects in Bulgaria and Romania.

As Marketing Director of an international consortium between T1 & Samwoo Group, Stoyan facilitated the market entry and local operations of two leading South Korean businesses: global architecture company Heerim and project management company Innomade. Specifically, he supervised the planned development of several industrial projects, totalling over $970 million.

During his career at Swissport, the largest global provider of ground handling aviation services, Stoyan supported its successful market entry onto the Cyprus and Bulgarian markets. He implemented a new billing system, tracking and invoicing all services performed by 1,200 employees on 2,500 monthly flights in Cyprus. As an independent consultant, Stoyan played a key role in the acquisition and reorganization of the Dutch industrial chemicals company Eco Cleaning; he developed relations with strategic clients resulting in a 40% increase in revenues.

As a member of the Bulgarian Investors’ Association, Stoyan has organized its annual Corporate Governance Awards event for three consecutive years, evaluating and promoting best corporate governance practices of Bulgarian public companies. He has also launched a start-up web platform for sharing confessions and life experiences.

Stoyan has an Executive MBA degree from the American University in Bulgaria, holds a Bachelors degree in International Business and Management from the International Business School in the Netherlands, and is a graduate of the First English Language School in Bulgaria.